F-one Mitu Pro Bamboo

F-one Mitu Pro Bamboo
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F-One MITU PRO BAMBOO The MITU BAMBOO offers the fantastic MITU shape in a simple package... mehr
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The MITU BAMBOO offers the fantastic MITU shape in a simple package using the excellent properties of natural bamboo for a light, responsive and durable board.

  • Super agile and reactive outline
  • Fun all around surfboard
  • Easy speed, light, playful
  • Amazing chop handling



The MITU has been known for its super agile and reactive outline. Its distinct swallow tail makes it very easy to initiate turns and carve with.

The shape has been improved this year with lateral flat sections on the bottom as well as a flat section on the bottom between your front and back foot to give directional stability.
The rocker line allows a better edge control and an overall improved feeling in all conditions.

This year, volume, stability and float are perfectly balanced for a board which surfs better than never before. The board smoothes out rough situations and makes you ride longer.

The range goes from 5’2 all the way to 5’10. The largest sizes have a bit more emphasis on the planing ability and general stability, while the smaller sizes have more focus on manoeuvrability. All share the same shape features with their specific outline to make the most of the wave’s energy.

Built with a full bamboo layers on the bottom and two on the deck, the boards are incredibly durable and remain lightweight.

Equipped with a tail pad, some foot strap inserts and with three Futures boxes the MITU PRO BAMBOO comes with a thruster fin set and the possibility to add a front pad as an option if desired.



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