Shapers Fins – Spectrum – S7

Shapers Fins – Spectrum – S7
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Shapers Fins – Spectrum – S7 A well-known fin setup that is created for greater drive and... mehr
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Shapers Fins – Spectrum – S7

A well-known fin setup that is created for greater drive and control. Provides increased acceleration throughout turns and allows heavier surfers to shorten the arc of turns without loss of speed. Suitable for most surf conditions and surfers over 85Kgs.

Compatible with FCS Style Fin Systems: FCS ll | X-2




Green Web Inlay


Size: LARGE: 85 – 100kg
Base: 116mm / 4.55”
Depth: 118mm / 4.64″
Sweep: 33 degrees
Foil: I.F.T (Inner Foil Technology)

Carbon Spectrum:

The Spectrum Series is truly at the forefront of fin technology and the latest offering by the fin specialists, Shapers Fins. The Spectrum Series delivers a unique 4 Phase flex pattern that gives surfers maximum feel and control. This is achieved through a complex blend of progressive materials and construction purpose built to deliver an ultra-light and responsive fin that performs accordingly to the way in which they are surfed. Suitable for all surf conditions and surfers in the intermediate to professional range.

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