ION Team Series Wave

ION Team Series Wave
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KEY FEATURES KEY 3D Titan Shape: Extremely strong carbon back construction (New!)... mehr
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KEY 3D Titan Shape: Extremely strong carbon back construction (New!)

Neo_Belt: A new and improved technical feature, designed to increase the feeling of flex, twist and overall comfort of wave and freestyle riding.

Downforce: An embossed structure that enables twisting motions and prevents the harness from riding up.



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Line Concept

The Team Series Wave is the choice for all hardcore Wave fanatics.
Extremly stiff preshaped Carbon plate in the center, smooth and comfy PE shapes on the side and on the very top and bottom. Exactly where you need it for a maximum freedom of movement combined with a perfectly spreaded load.
Included the NO Hook Spreaderbar it is the ultimate weapon for some radical Action.


Extended Soft_Edge

A new, extended soft edge that surrounds the entire harness, bending sideways at the hips and ribs for a more forgiving feel, enhanced by a special foam padding.


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